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Mission and values


Our school values of Belonging, Integrity, Aspiration and Persistence underpin our vision for a strong and vibrant learning culture. Our school values are reflected in our school priorities and support the provision of our whole school curriculum including our structures and policies, procedures and rules, funding priorities, decision-making arrangements, disciplinary procedures, community relations and our approach to staff and student welfare and pastoral care.
    We countenance the importance of school values in that we:
    • acknowledge that education is as much about building character as it is about equipping students with specific skills;
    • endorse values based education in that it can strengthen students’ self-esteem, optimism and commitment to personal fulfilment; and help students exercise ethical judgment and social responsibility; and
    • recognise that parents expect schools to help students understand and develop personal and social responsibilities.
    • believe as a professional organisation, schools must conduct themselves with a commitment to moral and ethical practices and social justice

    The National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools includes the goals that students, when they leave school, should:
    • have qualities of self-confidence, optimism, high self-esteem, and a commitment to personal excellence as a basis for their potential life roles as family, community and workforce members, (Goal 1.2) and
    • have the capacity to exercise judgement and responsibility in matters of morality, ethics and social justice, and the capacity to make sense of their world, to think about how things got to be the way they are, to make rational and informed decisions about their own lives, and to accept responsibility for their own actions (Goal 1.3).

    Our four values of Belonging, Respect, Integrity and Persistence have been determined to help Deception Bay mobilize towards these national goals and support our students in their learning and academic endeavours.

    Our values are en-actioned through School Wide Positive Behaviour, restorative practices, and supported by Dimensions of Learning, our pedagogical practices, and across our school, a sense of mateship and collective responsibility.


    All students need to belong. Belonging is a value that treasures the individual and the community. As a school we support behaviours that are inclusive, tolerant, non judgemental and optimistic (good things are personal, permanent and pervasive).
    Belonging recognises people’s rights and responsibilities.

    To support the value of belonging we advocate school wide processes that protect students from bullying and harassment, persecution, discrimination, violence, violation and exclusion. For our students, we model and teach the explicit skills of cooperative learning and interpersonal relations, to broaden appropriate behaviours and develop social and emotional intelligence.


    The value of integrity relates to the principles of moral and ethical conduct, and command behaviours that reflect consistency between words and deeds. Integrity values accountability and responsibility for one’s own actions, and supports the resolution of differences in constructive, non- violent and peaceful ways.

    Having integrity means you act with a sense of honesty, righteousness and trustworthiness. Integrity affirms the rights of others and champions diplomacy, fairness and equity.

    As a school we promote integrity through the principles of sincerity and honorability and the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


    Persistence​​​ is the value of seeking to accomplish something worthy. It speaks of trying hard and pursuing excellence through focus and concentration. Persistence promotes endeavour, curiosity, tenacity and endurance – it is the undercurrent of internal motivation and life long learning.

    Persistence develops thinking skills, discipline, initiative and productive risk taking. As a school we foster persistence as a habit of mind that strengthens one’s ability to face challenging situations and negotiate dilemmas and problems with a positive and resilient demeanour.


    Aspiration is the value of believing in success and achieving this success via goal setting, motivation and determination.

    This value is central to our LEAP Program. Students will develop their individual aspirations, develop their individual capacity and in turn their ability to think. As a school we foster goal setting to help students work towards self-direction and personal worth.