Student Services and Support Programs


Meet the Support Staff of Deception Bay SHS

The support team of Deception Bay SHS offer assistance to students and their families in order to remove barriers affecting a child's access to education. Below are the specific roles for each team member. These roles reflect the different qualifications and experiences of personnel. If you would like to meet with one of the Support Team, please phone the office on 3897 2222 to make an appointment.

Guidance Officers 


  • Short term counselling
  • Career counselling
  • Social/emotional concerns
  • Mental health concerns
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Subject selection
  • Targeted individual and group work (e.g., anger management)
  • Referrals to external agencies
  • Student protection
  • University/TAFE matters
  • Case management of school exclusions

Chaplains, Community Education Counsellor (CEC) and Pasifika Liaison Officer


Individual student support; group work; social/emotional programs; cultural information, general support and advice; classroom programs and support (e.g. yarning circle); excursion support to assist students with specific needs; school camps; home visits to support school attendance.

School Based Youth Health Nurse


  • Health promotion and education
  • Individual and group support
  • General health information
  • Referrals to external agencies
  • Social/emotional concerns
  • Mental health concerns
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Tobacco, alcohol, drugs
  • Sexual health
  • Puberty

In 2018, Deception Bay State High School welcomed the arrival of Ruby and Basil, a Labradoodle and Border Terrier, trained and accredited through Therapy Dogs Australia.



Additional services provided by the support team:

Food Parcels Each week the support team prepare food parcels for families in need thanks to the generosity of Secondbites. These parcels typically include bread, dairy products and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Parents requesting this service are asked to contact the Guidance Officers on 3897 2222.


A TeamThe A Team consists of the school Chaplain and Year Level Leaders who visit the homes of students with high levels of absenteeism. All home visits are co-ordinated through the school's Attendance Officer.

Aspire Resourcing – Queensland Health visit the school's Aspire Unit every fortnight to offer medical support to students and their babies. Our young mothers can also avail themselves of midwifery appointments when required.


Programs offered by support staff:

Bike Program The Bike Program runs each term with the assistance of the Deception Bay Men's Shed. Four students are selected to participate based on identified needs. This program combines basic bicycle maintenance with principles of behaviour management. It involves using different bike components to reflect on ways to better manage life choices. There is also a strong connection to the school's Reboot program.

RAP-A – The Resourceful Adolescent Program is an experiential, resilience-building program designed to promote positive coping and the capacity to maintain a sense of self when faced with stressful and difficult circumstances. The school guidance officers have been accredited by QUT to deliver this program. Eight students are selected each term to participate in the program.

Defence Force Testing Day – Towards the end of Term 4, students in Years 11 and 12 have the opportunity to complete the Australian Defence Force (ADF) aptitude test at the school. This test is used by the ADF to identify an applicant's potential fields of employment within the Defence Forces. It is one part of the YOU session that all applicants to the ADF are required to complete. By providing this service at the school, our students avoid the need to travel into the City.

Broncos Program

Broncos Student Support Officers work directly within schools and communities to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls to achieve their full potential, from Years 7 – 12 and into young adulthood. Girls enrolled in the program learn to value education, to value themselves and to value their impact as positive role models.

The features of the program include:

  • In-school mentoring and support from our school-based Brisbane Broncos support staff
  • Semester challenges and rewards for attendance and behaviour
  • Group presentations on topics including culture, lifestyle and careers
  • Support in completing Year 12 and developing career pathway plans
  • Exclusive access to Brisbane Broncos staff, players, facilities and events.



ARTIE Academy

Using innovative approaches to capture the attention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, the ARTIE Academy aims to operate with and create high expectations for effort, behaviour, achievement and commitment. The ARTIE Academy's fundamental vision is to inspire its participants, encourage and inform students of their progress, celebrate their successes and provide academic assistance in literacy and numeracy through the ARTIE Academy Tutoring Program.

Learner Licence Program

As part of an arrangement with My Driving School – Moreton Bay, students 16 years of age and over are provided with an opportunity to be complete the Department of Transport and Main Road's PrepL program at school. These sessions are held during Recharge and are supported by a qualified driving instructor. The program is offered on an ad-hoc basis, depending on student demand.


Other programs operating in the school:

    • GoodStart  – Promoting healthy food choices to M&PI students
    • Cultural Unity Night – An event held at the school every November in which students from all cultures come together to share their traditional dances.
    • Deadly Sistas – An opportunity for indigenous female students to meet and share cultural knowledge
    • MomenTIM - An opportunity for indigenous male students to meet and share cultural knowledge
    • Yarning Circles – A process used to air concerns and resolve issues within the classroom or playground. Our Community Education Counsellor leads these sessions.



Last reviewed 06 September 2019
Last updated 06 September 2019